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About The Eye

About The Eye


A friend of mine asked me that recently. She was just starting a new blog and wanted it to look professional. She didn’t need world class graphics and she didn’t have the budget to hire a design firm. She just wanted a simple and solid design.

Good design is half art and half science. And this site is about both. If you have ever created a website or any other user interface you know how easy it is to make bad UI, but you might not know why. You can tell that something is better, but you can’t tell what makes it better. You just need to develop your eye.

Developing your eye for design is about fundamentals. When professional designers go to school they study aesthetics, architecture, typography, and other aspects of what makes something pleasing to look at. They learn the fundamentals. Technology will always change, but design fundamentals last.

How much does it cost?

Everything on this site is free. We aren’t trying to sell you something or representing a larger company. We promise this isn’t part of a viral marketing campaign. So relax, check out the articles, and learn how to make your work look a whole lot better.

Who makes this site

This site was envisioned, designed, and implemented by Zack Grossbart with a lot of support, critiques, and help from my friends and family.

Get The Eye is on break

Get The Eye is on a little break while I focus on my two other blogs The One Minute Commute and Hackito Ergo Sum. Check them out and see what I’ve been working on.

I’m also building an Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress. It uses many of the principles from this site. If you don’t have WordPress you can try out the calendar demo.

Write for us

Is there an article you want to see here? Want a chance to get your name out and help people at the same time? Write for us. We’re always looking for new articles and great ideas. It’s OK if you don’t want to write a whole article, just let me know about your idea. Leave me a comment or send me an email at writefortheeye@gettheeye.com

Contact Us

We always like hearing from readers. If you have something to say and don’t want to post a comment feel free to send us an email at talktotheeye@gettheeye.com.


In case you’re curious this site is running WordPress with a few custom plugins and MySQL with the Thesis Theme. It has many customizations written in PHP, CSS, and JavaScript using JQuery.

More technical details

Want to know more about how this site works? Check out Dynamic Grid Layout In JavaScript for everything you might want to know about the custom layout manager used to create the front page of this site.


The graphics were created with a combination of Adobe Suite, GIMP, and Scribus, but most of it starts in my sketch book. The main logo is Scala Sans. Most of the article headers (including the one on this page) are in Scala Sans or Georgia.

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