by Zack on June 16, 2009


I’m not a graphic artist and I can’t draw. I mean it. I can’t even draw a reasonable facsimile of a circle without a compass. Born of the digital age I learned to type early and never looked back. Drawing in Photoshop always seemed easier.

As an engineer I drew diagrams and made the occasional slide, but as a designer I’m drawing more. I still can’t draw very well, but I’m sketching. My sketches aren’t pretty and I very rarely share them with anyone, but they help. They help make my ideas clearer, help me envision the end results, and help me get feedback before I go too far down the wrong path.

I’m normally very self-conscious about my drawings, but that isn’t very open source of me. So I want to take this opportunity to show you where the ideas for this site came from and how it evolved from the original vision. These are the first sketches I made of this site. I hope they inspire you and I hope you share the results.


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